About Us

Completing your products quality:Çınar PP packing straps and other accessories.

Çınar Çember is at the market since 2006 with qualified expert team at the packing applications

of full automatic and half automatic polypropylen strap bands production.Our products could be

easily applicable at manuel,pnomatic,charged acus, half and full automatic production lines.

Tensiling and resisting indexis are high.Does not injure the products even if at long destination

shipments,may arrive the final points safely.We as Çınar Çember could present quality,product types,

production and delivery realizations at promised termines,as well the most competitive prices;all the

PP STRAP BAND users prefer our business and develop communications day by day.We try to do

our best in order to cover the requests of the market.You could taste our comfortable products and

quality decing to get in touch with usas soon as your decision for winding up Turkey then the world as well.